Book Update #1

One of the challenging things about writing the last few chapters of First Class was the story was a moving target. There were developments with Dunbar’s curriculum that changed and there were design elements that changed after the book went to print. I will try to update as often as possible and of course it will be updated in the next printing. So here it is, update #1, the signage on the new Dunbar will be horizontal not vertical.

Why Early Childhood Education Is Critical

As local Head Start programs around the country begin to feel the sting of the sequestration cuts, consider what would have happened if Darren Walker had not been enrolled in Head Start when he was a boy in Louisiana, growing up with a single parent in a low income home. Mr. Walker was just named the President of the Ford Foundation, the United States’ second largest philanthropic organization.

History Section? Education Section?

I am back from a working vacation and gearing up for the full on media blitz for the book. Ok, maybe not a blitz but a few well placed interviews. I’ve noticed something interesting. Of the four interviews I’ve done so far, each journalist has described First Class book differently. Some interviewers have approached the book as a history book. Some have approached it as a book about race and economics. Others have approached it as a book about education. I personally think the three are intertwined when education […]

It’s Here!

book_cover-blogI have it in my hands!  A copy of First ClassAnd rumor has it, Amazon has already shipped a few.  It is amazing to think I conducted the first interview for this book in 2006.  One of my first interview requests was a disaster.  It stopped me (momentarily) from pursuing the book. I wrote to a well known Dunbar graduate, a professor and author Adelaide Cromwell, requesting an interview.  Apparently my inquiry letter did not live up to […]