Lessons of History: My Op-ed Piece on MSNBC.com

Pegged to the 50th anniversary of the MLK’s march on Washington, I wrote an op-ed piece on MSNBC.com about the importance of the lessons of history. When I last checked there were 53 comments. I stopped reading after the comments took an ugly turn. I mention in the article why it is necessary to fight stereotypes and I mentioned a boy in a hoodie. Who knew that the word “hoodie” could set off people in such a way? I was referring to […]

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What a Week in Washington

One week ago today I was standing at the back of the state of the art auditorium at the ribbon cutting for the new $122 million dollar Dunbar High School. The Mayor of DC was there, a member of Congress was there and the School’s chancellor was there. The packed room was there to celebrate a new era for the famous high school. Over the course of the weeklong celebration approximately 2000 people visited the school. The events included music presentations, tours, and even a […]

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Barnes and Noble has books @ BN.com

First Class went into a second printing in 3 weeks. Great news! My publisher is rushing books to all the online retailers. Barnes and Noble is the most reliable right now in terms of speedy delivery. Amazon is a tricky little online store with an odd way of doing things and my publisher is trying to encourage Amazon to do it a little faster. Maybe Bezos is busy reading his new paper The Washington Post […]

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Amazon is fibbing: First Class is in Stock!

So one of the things I’ve learned from this process is that Amazon has an internal computer algorithm that determines the shipping time.  And sometimes it is wrong. Right now Amazon says the wait time is 1 to 3 months for a copy of my book.  It isn’t true. My publisher shipped 1000 books to Amazon on Monday.  Click here to buy on amazon.com! 

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