One week ago today I was standing at the back of the state of the art auditorium at the ribbon cutting for the new $122 million dollar Dunbar High School. The Mayor of DC was there, a member of Congress was there and the School’s chancellor was there. The packed room was there to celebrate a new era for the famous high school. Over the course of the weeklong celebration approximately 2000 people visited the school. The events included music presentations, tours, and even a special guest speaker Bill Cosby. Spirits were high all week long. The message of the week was clear; the community must use Dunbar’s great history to inspire the future. When I left the school Friday at 6pm as the festivities were winding down there was a great feeling among the alumni and the current staff. Little could we all know that over the weekend, the day before the students were scheduled to report to Dunbar, someone would break in and steal several computers. It was a stark reminder that a building can only do so much and that while Dunbar has come a long way, it still has a long way to go and some obstacles to overcome.