Robert McNeill photo

New Car © 1938, Robert McNeill–Courtesy of Smithsonian American Art Museum

One of the greatest things to happen as a result of promoting this book is going to my inbox and finding email from people connected to Dunbar. Here is a note the daughter of a well know black photographer, Robert McNeill, Dunbar Class of 1935.

“Alison, I am getting your book pronto. My father, photographer Robert H. McNeill, was a 1935 graduate of Dunbar (and as budding photographer took sports and other pictures there in the 30s) . My great aunt, Bertha Clay McNeill, was a highly-regarded English teacher at Dunbar for decades and taught Edward Brooke among others. I have passed on many of my Dad’s the photographs of Dunbar to the Library of Congress very recently as well as my great aunt’s archives (including grade books and such), but I still have some access to them as they are being accessed. I don’t know if you have further need of any of these materials, but I would love to see both my father and aunt remembered at Dunbar.” I put her in touch with the principal at Dunbar as the new school will have a museum.