Book Update #1

One of the challenging things about writing the last few chapters of First Class was the story was a moving target. There were developments with Dunbar’s curriculum that changed and there were design elements that changed after the book went to print. I will try to update as often as possible and of course it will be updated in the next printing. So here it is, update #1, the signage on the new Dunbar will be horizontal not vertical.

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It’s Here!

book_cover-blogI have it in my hands!  A copy of First ClassAnd rumor has it, Amazon has already shipped a few.  It is amazing to think I conducted the first interview for this book in 2006.  One of my first interview requests was a disaster.  It stopped me (momentarily) from pursuing the book. I wrote to a well known Dunbar graduate, a professor and author Adelaide Cromwell, requesting an interview.  Apparently my inquiry letter did not live up to […]

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